Org roles and permissions

There are three roles in an Org:

On the public registry, you cannot remove the last owner from an Org. To delete an Org, contact npm Support.

npm Enterprise users: If you are using npm Enterprise, deactivating the only owner of an Org will cause that Org to be ownerless. If you have deactivated the last owner of an Org on an npm Enterprise instance, contact npm Enterprise Support at [email protected]
Action Owner Admin Member
Manage Org billing X    
Add members to the Org X    
Remove members from the Org X    
Rename an Org X    
Delete an Org X    
Change any Org member’s role X    
Create teams X X  
Delete teams X X  
Add any member to any team X X  
Remove any member from any team X X  
Manage team package access X X  
Create and publish packages in the Org scope X X X

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