npm Enterprise roles and permissions

Action Billing manager Admin user End user
Update payment method and billing info (via npm account manager) X    
Purchase additional seats (via npm account manager) X    
View all users of the instance   X  
Activate users on the instance   X  
Deactivate users on the instance   X  
Configure an authentication provider   X  
View, publish, and install packages from the instance registry   X X
Create Orgs   X X
Add/remove users to/from Orgs and instance   X1  
Add/remove users to/from Orgs who are already initialized on the instance   X1 X1
Create, delete, and manage teams   X2 X2
Add/remove packages to/from Org teams   X2 X2
Create and publish packages in the Org scope   X X

1 User must be an Org owner.
2 User must be an Org owner or team admin.

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