About the Developers team

The Developers team is automatically created when you create an Org. By default, the Developers team has read/write access to all new packages created under the Org’s scope.

If you create a new package under your Org’s scope and you do not want members of the Developers team to have read/write access to that package, an owner or admin can remove the Developers team’s access to that package. For more informations, see “Managing team access to Org packages”.

If an owner adds a new member to an Org and does not want that member to be on the Developers team, an owner can remove them.

The Developers team can no longer be removed from an organization for the following reasons:
  • It is the source of truth for all users, packages, and default permissions in an organization.
  • When you want to restrict write access, it is almost always better to set the default permissions to read-only and create separate teams for managing write permissions.

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